Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lumenate holds first Customer Storage Forum

Lumenate held our first ever storage customer forum on February 19th at Dave and Busters. By all accounts it was an excellent event and we are planning to have a follow up soon. For those of you that were unable to attend, here is a little information about the customer storage forum.
The forum is an opportunity for Lumenate customers and prospects to get together to discuss data management and storage technologies. This is not a sales event, no vendors are present and we are not pushing any products or services, we simply want to hear directly from you about the challenges you face and the different ways you are handling them. We also want to give our customers the chance to interact, to find out how their peers are using different technologies and approaches to solve issues. Here are some of the questions we posed at the event and the feedback we received.

1. What is your biggest storage challenge?
a. 17% Capacity Planning
b. 50% Lowering Costs
c. 33% Managing Unstructured Data

2. What are your biggest backup challenges?
a. 67% Not Completing fast enough
b. 33% no backup challenges

3. How do you handle Disaster Recovery from a data standpoint?
a. 33% Tape Only
b. 33% Replication Only
c. 33% Combination of replication and tape

4. What impact has compliance had on your environment?
a. 50% Minor impact
b. 50% No impact

5. How much are you concerned about power, cooling, space and other environmental issues?
a. 20% Major Problem
b. 60% Moderate Concern
c. 20% No Issues

6. How many tiers of storage do you have in your environment?
a. 60% 2
b. 20% 3
c. 20% 4

7. What technologies do you believe will have the biggest impact on your storage environment in the next 12 t o18 months?
a. 67% Ethernet based storage, ISCSI / FCoE
b. 33% Open Storage