Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Lumenate and XtremIO™ for Extreme VDI

Extreme VDI through Lumenate

Unpredictable workloads and changing demands on storage infrastructures are the greatest challenges to a successful implementation of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). EMC’s XtremIO, the industry’s first and only all-flash array, supports workloads that need predictable and consistent low latency across datasets that frequently change—a textbook solution for the challenges facing VDI implementation.

XtremIO through Lumenate delivers breakthrough, scale-out architecture, consistent performance, data reduction, thin provisioning and manageability for extreme VDI.

XtremIO™ delivers:

  • Astoundingly high IOPS and low latency all the time, without compromise 
  • Up to 30% more usable capacity 
  • Scale-out design for any level of performance or capacity 
  • Enterprise reliability at a reasonable price > Simple, powerful graphical user interface (GUI) management dashboard 
  • Faster, safer data protection with less overhead and the highest flash endurance

“XtremIO has the best numbers we’ve seen for virtual desktop infrastructure storage. It’s screaming fast.”
— Jamie Shepard, VP, Lumenate

Traditional arrays are not designed to efficiently handle the extreme performance that flash-based technologies can deliver. EMC XtremIO features several unique flash innovations that provide consistent and predictable performance regardless of whether the array is idle, busy, empty or full.

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